Filter and making the URL look nicer

I’ve got a ‘Portfolio’ page, with child ‘Projects’. I’ve built a filter to filter different types of projects. The filter uses the filter created in the Kirby video: How to create a filter menu - YouTube

It all works fine. However, I was hoping to be able to share the URL of the filtered projects, for example, to send a client the URL for my ‘Design’ projects, or ‘Illustration’ projects. So I was hoping the URL might be nice and clean, something like or etc.

However the actual URLs generated by the filter look kinda weird, something like

I don’t suppose there is an – easy – way to make the URL look nicer?

There is a cookbook recipe about this:

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Thanks. It’s hard to find information when I don’t the know the words to search for. ‘Nice looking URLs’ wasn’t getting me very far!