Rename/hide "projects" in URL

Hello, I try to modify a Kirby theme and want to rename/hide the projects part in my URLs.

Instead of my I want to have or

Is there a possibility? I tried to change the projects-URL in the panel but after this the whole projects thing doesn’t work anymore.

Thanks for your help!

Hey there!
Can you share more details about the theme you’re using?

I am using this theme:

What exactly did not work anymore? Generally, if you don’t want to omit the folder name, you can just rename it. But maybe the UID is used in the template somewhere, so that renaming the folder might indeed break the whole thing. You would then have to adjust the name in the template as well.

If you want to omit the folder, you can use a route.

Edit: could you post the code from the projects page?

I think a route would be perfect but I am not that good in coding stuff. Do you have an example how such a route have to look like?

Here is an example of omitting the blog folder:; you just need to adapt that to fit your folder names.