Projects and SEO

Just curious to know if there are any (possible) SEO disadvantages of using the ‘Projects’ page types in Kirby. The reason I ask is because some time ago I remember reading that Wordpress ‘Projects’ (that are often used to create filterable grids/portfolios) are not indexed like Wordpress Posts and Pages, resulting in lower SEO value.


I guess you’re talking about the kind of “Projects” page used by the starterkit.

If you don’t print the template/blueprint name anywhere, no search engine will know what kind of template you use. There are no “types” of pages in Kirby, you can decide yourself what you want to call them and what they should output.

It would be interesting to know the source of your information and how a custom content type like projects could have an effect and SEO, or why the content should not be indexed.

Anyway, in Kirby, there is no differentiation between content types like pages, posts or portfolio projects.

There are two SEO related aspects I can think of

  1. duplicate content if you use filters with a single result (=> canonical links)
  2. make sure to provide links to your filter categories somewhere in your page (sitemap, links elsewhere on your website), if you don’t filter via URL.