Filesdisplay plugin - not working with Kirby 3.8?


Since I switched to the new version of Kirby 3.8, the plugin k3-filesdisplay-section doesn’t work anymore.

An error message tells me :

headline is not defined

while my headline is.

How can I fix this? Thanks for your help.

Hm, just tested in without any issues. Do you have any more information where the error is caused?

I put this in site.yml and in a page blueprint:

    width: 1/2
          headline: Liste des fichiers téléversés
          type: filesdisplay
          query: page.images

I don’t know if that’s enough, do you need more info?

Check if your indentation is correct.

In site.yml, query: page.images does not make sense.

It worked on an older version of Kirby,

The indentation is good according to the examples in the Readme and the fact that it works on an older version of Kirby; I just retested. :thinking:
And no matter what blueprint I use.

From which version of Kirby did you update? And do you actually have the latest version of the plugin installed?

The old version where everything is fine: 3.6.5.

I currently have version On version 3.8.0, the problem is also present.
An error pop-up appears: “headline is not defined”. And the filesdisplay field is not displayed in the blueprint.

I have to ask you again:

As I already wrote above, I cannot reproduce the error in Kirby with the latest version of my plugin.

Also, could you please check if you have the same problem when using a fresh Starterkit with the latest version of the plugin.

And have you made sure to delete the media folder after you updated Kirby?

!! sorry, I misread ^^
I’m going to check and tell you :slight_smile:

That’s it, it works :slight_smile: !

I downloaded the version from Github and it was worse, nothing worked anymore O_o .

Then, I downloaded the version available from the Download button of the plugin page FilesDisplay Section | Kirby CMS and everything works.

Thanks a lot!