Files & directories not visible in Panel

Hi there.

I created a slew of draft pages by copying a bunch of folders including corresponding files to my site‘s drafts folder.

These drafts do not show up in the Panel.

Trying to understand whether I messed up the content syntax, I created a draft post via the Panel.

It does not show in the panel. The directory/file were created, they exist in the filesystem.

Cache is off. I restarted the webserver (MAMP), and I tried renaming the folders in Terminal. Nothing.

I guess I am missing something very basic …

Any hints very much appreciated!


Where do you expect them to show up? Please post the blueprint of the page (or the site.yml) where you want the drafts to show up. And what is the file name of the content files of those drafts?

The file name is ‘’ - it‘s a multi-lingual site, ‘de’ is the default lang.

This is the blueprint for the main blog page:

# Site Homepage
title: Page
icon : page

# Page Options
    changeSlug     : false
    changeStatus   : true
    changeTemplate : false
    changeTitle    : true
    delete         : false
    preview        : true
    read           : true
    update         : true

# Available Statuses for the page
    unlisted : Unlisted
    listed   : Published

# The two columns inside the homepage

    # Left column. Contains the content pf the page
    - width : 2/3
        sections :
                extends  : sections/main

    # Posts On the left
  - width   : 1/3
            extends  : sections/posts
            headline : Posts
            status   : all

    # Drafts
#  - width   : 1/2
#    sections:
#        drafts:
#            extends: sections/posts
#            title  : Drafts
#            status : unlisted

This the the blueprint for the posts section:

# Posts Sections
type     : pages
headline : Drafts
status   : draft
create   : post
empty    : Find the inspiration and write something awesome
template : post
width    : 1/2
limit    : 12
sortBy   : published desc
parent   : site.find('notes')
info     : "{{page.published.toDate('F Y')}}"

And this is the folder structure:


Does this help?

What is the name of the first blueprint, the main blog page?

And what is the content file name of the notes page?

notes.yml, and



I put your blueprints into a 3.2.5 Starterkit and they work as expected. New pages created via the Panel show up and so do posts added manually.

Thank you Sonja!

I tried to create the drafts by mass-creating directories and files in via bash on macOS. Is there anything special I need to be aware off when doing so?

These folders/files must be readable by the Apache user. So permissions (chmod) and ownership (chown) are important.

(I run MAMP locally, it runs under my username and thus, file system permissions checked out.)

The reason Kirby did not recognize the directories, and the post they contain, were extended attributes. That‘s a Macos-specific filesystem feature. When you, for instance, tag a file/directory in Finder, this tag is saved as an extended attribute.

After I removed the extended attributes via

$ xattr -d "" ./*
$ xattr -d "" ./*

Kirby shows all my draft posts.