Fields: text and textarea

I am wondering about text and textarea:

text is only one line
textarea is with an editor to add funny things.

What’s about a field
text:two columns OR
teatxarea: text only

Maybe you could sketch out further what you’d like to achieve. Not really sure right what to answer here rn.

I can use “text”, then i have one line for input.
Or i can use “textarea”, then i have more than one row to add text, but then i also have more things to add with the given editor.

If you have to add a longer text, say 256 chars, it makes sense to have a field with 80 columns and four rows for example. Nobody wants to add 256 chars into a single row input-field with 80 colums.

If a client should add news for his blog, then he needs an input field for entering text only (so no textarea or textarea without editor) or an input-field with more rows.

If there is only one row or textarea with editor, then it misses the poor input with more than one rows.

Here you see a textfield (textarea) without editor:

But when i use a textarea in my web, i have a textarea with editor, and that’s what i dont want.
So probably there is something like:

        label: Intro
        type: textarea
        editor: no

i hope.

You can set buttons: false. Will not prevent users from adding plain Markdown, though.

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