Difference between textarea and writer

I know, I know… pretty silly question. BUT I couldn’t find a good answer. So: why should I transform textarea fields into writer fields? Is there any reason to do so?

I just came here to find an anwer to the same question.

In short textarea is markdown based and writer field is WYSIWYG editor.

For ex: if you used bold text for both fields, you need to parse for textarea ($page->textarea()->kt()) but no need to parse for writer field.

ah… that’s great. Cheers
I’ll check what’s suit the best then. I like Markdown pretty much.

For more complex stuff, the writer field alone doesn’t make that much sense (in my opionion) and you would probably rather chose the blocks or layout fields.

Back in the days, Kirby started out with Markdown and Kirbytext (shortcodes, that you can use to extend Markdown in all sort of ways).

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