Fetching all images from page (but deleted still appears)

I am fetching all images from one page.
But certainly it appeared that deleted images are still visible. I checked the content folder and there it is also not deleted. What to do?


Is there an error when you delete them?

Is this still an issue, because it is marked as solved?

I am having a similar issue - maybe I have just configured things incorrectly but I have the following blueprint:

title: Info
preset: page
pages: false
files: false

unlisted: true
    label: Images - maximum size 2mb
    type: files
    layout: cards
      mime: image/jpeg, image/png
    maxsize: 2
    max: 1
    multiple: false
    query: page.images
    label: Content
    type: textarea
    size: large
    label: Attachments (pdf) - maximum size 50mb
    max: 5
    accept: document/pdf

The panel only allows me to upload one image and has a ‘-’ delete sign at the bottom of the image input which if I click it removes the image from the panel however if try to upload the same image again it says this cannot be done as it already exists and cannot be overwritten, also the deleted image remains in the content and media folders and if I use a for each loop all previously deleted images are displayed on the front end page. How do I make the deletion of the image form the panel remove the image and all associated data from the content and media files?

In your case, you are using a files field, so while you can upload images through this field, it is basically a select field. So clicking on the - button deselects the file but does not delete it.

To delete the file, you could either click on the link while the file is still selected, which brings you to the file view from which you can delete it.

Or you have to put a files section into your page from which you can then delete it.

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Many thanks for this I will test it out shortly

Sorry I choose the ‘Kirby 3 Solved category’ instead of the ‘Kirby 3’.
Will try your suggestion.


For me this worked out.

Or you have to put a files section into your page from which you can then delete it.

Thanks @texnixe!

Hi @bvdputte,

There was no error. But as @texnixe suggested I was using a ‘files field’ istead of a ‘file selection’.