Feed Plugin cdata is empty

Hey people! I need some help with the feed plugin.

I’ve set it up so that I see all posts from 5 different pages.

But, I notice that the rss feed itself, the description is empty. And whatever I do to the array, it falls back to the defaults. So I’m thinking that it doesn’t use the array.

$pages = $site->index()->filterBy('template', 'category');
$visiblePages = $pages->children()->visible()->filterBy('date', '<', time())->sortBy('date', 'desc');

echo $visiblePages->feed(array(
  'title'       => $page->title(),
  'description' => $page->description(),
  'link'        => '/',


Does anyone have an idea what’s going on here?

The description CDATA is filled with the content of the field you pass as textfield option, by default it uses a field called text. If your field is called differently, you have to pass another value in your options. These are all the defaults:

  // set all default values
  $defaults = array(
    'url'         => url(),
    'title'       => 'Feed',
    'description' => '',
    'link'        => url(),
    'datefield'   => 'date',
    'textfield'   => 'text', // this is the field used for the description tag
    'modified'    => time(),
    'excerpt'     => false,
    'generator'   => kirby()->option('feed.generator', 'Kirby'),
    'header'      => true,
    'snippet'     => false,

The description option here is only used to describe the feed itself.

Fixed! I got it now.