RSS-Feed add more content


how add more content to the rss-feed?

Greetings Perry

What do you mean by “more content”? You can set a number of parameters, and of course you can also modify the feed.php script to fit your needs. So it depends on what you would like to add …

must i add more default values?

for example if i want add the content from a textfield

<?php echo $article->richtext()->kirbytext() ?>


{$textfield}()->kirbytext() ?>]]>

what is {$textfield}() ?

All you need to do is set the relevant options:

The textfield is the field you specify in your options array in your feed template or controller, e.g.


echo page('blog')->children()->visible()->flip()->limit(10)->feed(array(
  'title'       => 'Latest articles',
  'description' => 'Read the latest news about our company',
  'link'        => 'blog',
  'textfield' => 'text'

if your field is called text; of course, you can change this option to any other text field as well.

now i understand

Thank you texnixe