Facilitate inclusion of internal links in text files

When adding internal links to other pages in a website using a link kirbytag, I find it really cumbersome to try and find the right path to a page. I wonder if it wouldn’t be possible to add at least some sort of autocompletion or even a search to the form that appears when you click on the link button of a textarea field. Is there an extension that I might have missed?

[Edit:] I know there is the search button, but the search only finds a page if you know how the uri starts, i.e. if you type “projects” you will find /projects and its children but not my-projects

I know that the page field type does have the function you want to achieve, but this is not added to the popup of the link button of the panels text field.
I think, that adding this function to the link button of the text editor is a pretty good addition.

But there is the question left how this would be implemented. You could do two fields in the popup, one for internal and one for external links with some kind of selection. Or there must be a new panel field type with the functions of the page and URL field types.

Thanks for your answer, Jannik, do you mean the page field type? There is no such thing as a link field type …? And the page field type works just like the search, you have to enter the first letter to get an autocompletion list …

Yes of course, sorry for that. I´ve changed this in the post before.

But you´re right. I have not used the panel search yet, but it would be nice, if the search has this extended functionality. It could search in all pages, not starting at the top level.