Textarea field | Button Link with more options?

Hello, I am trying in vain to find a solution.

I want to add more options to the Insert Link button in the Textarea field. I would like to have the selection of the ā€œrel - attributeā€ and the ā€œtarget - attributeā€. I have already tried overwriting kirbytags.

I know that you can manually add these attributes in the text editor, but unfortunately I am not the only user and therefore a solution must be found for the others.

How can I now add the additional options without the other users have to manually expand the link, but can set them via the input mask?

You would have to extend the toolbar link dialog, like in this plugin: Enhanced Toolbar Link Dialog | Kirby CMS

This doesnā€™t offer all fields you require, so you could use that plugin as a basis for your own.

Thanks for the tip. I will have a look at it and try my hand at it. Thanks a lot