Example LARGE Kirby sites wanted

Can anyone give an example/s of a large site built using Kirby? (this is to help a prospective client feel at ease.) Something with lots of content and definitely bigger than what’s at http://getkirby.com/made-with-kirby-and-love.
many thanks.


An example is the site of Nimbus, which was created by Bastian with Kirby and has lots of content.

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Another massive and quite famous example is https://www.joyent.com/

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@bastianallgeier: Do you know if Joyent’s current site is running Kirby? They switched three years ago, so want to confirm they’re still using Kirby.

Yes, it’s still Kirby.

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http://processform.de has lots of content and is using kirby.

http://akosys.com is running Kirby (V1) and it has enough content too.

Whats about http://getkirby.com ? https://github.com/getkirby/getkirby.com

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Just updated joyent.com to Kirby v2.1 earlier this week, too.

Another site I built that’s pretty large and running on Kirby is www.corvil.com.

@fitzage: That’s great! We’re building a new Kirby v2.1 site, and since it’s a marketing site like Joyent’s and Corvil’s, it likely has some similar requirements. We weren’t able to satisfy all those requirements out of the box with Kirby, so we’re developing several plugins (which we plan to open source) to resolve them.

Are you open to chat about how Joyent and/or Corvil extended Kirby to meet common marketing site requirements, such as selective third-party code loading, drafting, selective publishing, preview site, CDN integration, and content conflict resolution? Additional info from other Kirby CMS users will help shape these plugins and make them more useful to other organizations.

Some of these things I don’t even know what you’re talking about. :slight_smile:

So far we pretty much have the benefit of not having the requirement of using a control panel. A git-based workflow takes care of a lot of things, like selective publishing and having a preview site.

I could chat sometime next week maybe if you’d like.

As I am interested in this topic as well, are there newer sites / examples anyone of you worked on?

Hello all,

Thanks for this great forum.
We are new in the Kirby world and want use Kirby for the relaunch for one of our existing client websites. We did have a look at many websites which are made with Kirby and did read feedback about Kirby in the web. In generel my question is if there are any new really “large” websites, >1000 pages. I would be really intrested in seeing some examples. Is Kirby made for such big websites?

Thanks a lot

The main problem here is that these big sites do actually exist, but often behind a non-disclosure wall.

The Joyent site mentioned above is still running on Kirby though after all these years.

This one does not have >1000 pages but 700+ (catalogue) in 2 languages, and I’m sur Kirby can do very big sites!

Thank you @texnixe for your fast reply. I had a look at The Joyent. I was just hoping to see some more and new examples before we´ll take the decision if Kirby is the best choice for us and our new projects. As one of the websites we are working on has more than 1000 pages in GER and the same amount in EN I´m a bit concerned if Kirby is the right choice. Thank you for your help!

While it’s certainly not as complex as some of the examples mentioned above, my Newton Glossary site has close to 1,400 pages and is currently running Kirby 2.5.12.