Error with Plugin Panel-View-Extended and Kirby 3.2

I installed the plugin k3-panel-view-extended, kirby is version 3.2.
If I set the options hideSettings, hideStatus, hideOptions in a blueprint to true, the panel view does not change.
When I update the browser, the message “this.$router.options.routes.find(…) is undefined” appears in a modal. Can someone briefly explain this error message to me? Where and how do I have to set something up?

I get the same, @moeli?


Thanks for reporting this. I’ve not yet had the time to test and adjust my plugins to 3.2
The panel has changed a bit and this causes the error. I plan to fix it next week.

@moeli Thank you for your quick answer and it would be great if you could solve the problem in the next few weeks!

Hi @moeli ,

it should be enough to change index.js L82 from

this.$router.options.routes.find(route => ===[] = function () {


this.$router.options.routes.find(route => ===[] = function () {

A quick test run didn’t turn up any additional problems.

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A new version which fixes this issue is available.

@moeli A bit late, because I didn’t work on this project for a long time: Thank you very much, everything works!

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Hi @moeli,
there is one more thing:: if I set hideOptions to true, then I cannot edit the form. The confirmation line in the footer is displayed briefly and immediately hidden again. It is not possible to change the contents of the fields.
If I only set hideSettings and hideStatus to true, however, it works as expected.
For testing I have a simple preset-page-blueprint without further options. Kirby is 3.2.4.

Hi @joofu
Could you post the blueprint, please? I cannot reproduce this behaviour.

Hi @moeli, here is my simple test-blueprint. i also removed all other plugins for testing. I tested the behavior in Firefox and Chromium.

title: Ferienunterkunft Objekt
preset: page

  hideOptions: true
    label: Ort
    type: text
    label: Text
    type: textarea
    size: medium

This works perfetly fine for me in Firefox and Chrome.
Did you clear the cache when you removed the other plugins? I don’t see how my plugin could affect the save bar.

Thank you for your efforts! I will test it again in the next few days and then get back to you.

Hi @moeli, i am just now working on the project i needed your plugin for - everything works fine.
Thanks and a happy new year afterwards!