WebSocket connection failed

Hi, have such error in the admin panel

WebSocket connection to ‘wss://mysite.com:54624/’ failed: Error in connection establishment: net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

As I understand this port is closed by hosting provider. How do I can get around it?

What plugins do you use?

I use this plugins

  • cachebuster
  • kirby-builder
  • kirby-minify-html
  • kirby3-cookie
  • kirby3-fingerprint
  • kirby3-lapse
  • kirby3-mobile-detect
  • kirby3-xmlsitemap
  • retour
  • robots-txt
  • similar
  • uniform

Can you check where this call comes from?

This happens when I load admin panel via chrome webmaster consol

I noticed that when I saw, that Retour plugin don’t show graphs.

I thought it might come from the Retour plugin. Pls. check if you get the same error if you remove the plugin.

yes, error is still there. Hosting provider confirm to me that this port is closed in security reason. But if this security reason, maybe kirby should use some other way and not use this

This does not come from Kirby.

Which file does this code come from?

Ah, I see, it looks like this js is placed in /media/plugins/

and it looks like this is a Kirby builder plugin problem

I wonder if this is just a dev mode issue? Looks like it refers to Parcel…

I’m sorry, I don’t really understand what it is. Tell me what I need to check and where, and I’ll check out

The file looks as if it is in dev mode, not built for production.

update kirby-builder to latest version, and error is gone. Thanks @texnixe!

Similar issue here, it was the k3-panel-view-extended plugin. I found this related thread:

Hope this helps somebody.
Have a great day! :sunny: