Error after update to 3.2.0 with the subpages:

Error after update to 3.2.0 with the subpages:

The parent for the query “site.find(“products”)” cannot be found in the section “listed”

same with unlisted and drafts.

Any ideas?

Could you please post more context, i.e. the complete field or section or whatever your query refers to?

Also, have you cleared all caches, the session and the media folder?

Hi texnixe,

yes i cleared both.
I have subpages in products and after the update it shows me this in the panel.

Again, could you please post your blueprint?



        type: info
        headline: Unterseiten
        text: Hier Produkt-Seiten anlegen

        extends: sections/products
        headline: Veröffentlicht
        status: listed
        extends: sections/products
        headline: In Überprüfung
        status: unlisted
        extends: sections/products
        headline: Entwürfe
        status: draft


type: pages
headline: Produkte
parent: site.find("products")
size: tiny
info: "{{ page.images.count }} image(s)"
layout: cards
template: product
empty: No products yet
  query: page.cover
  cover: true
  ratio: 5/4

Hm, we are using similar code in the Starterkit and that still works. Does the page actually exist? have you maybe renamed it?

Is that a single or multilingual setup?

The pages exists.
I did not rename anything, just updated kirby via composer.
Multilingual setup (2 languages).

And does the error appear both in the default and in secondary languages?

after switching the language the error is still shown. after page reload it works in the english version. switching back -> error

Hm, is the parent a draft page maybe? I can reproduce this issue in a Starterkit if I make the photography page a draft page, not if it is listed or unlisted.

No, it is a listed page, status was status: false.
Now i turned the status to true and if i know click on the green circle in the main page list, i am getting the same error as popup message:
The parent for the query “site.find(“products”)” cannot be found in the section “listed”

Hm, I can only reproduce this with a drafts page. Anyway, could you please create an issue so the devs can look into this?

yes i can, where to report?

This issue will not be fixed, the solution is to use'somepage') instead of site.find('somepage') to include draft pages.