Album section missing after update

After updating to 3.2.2 the album section is missing on the /panel/site.
This message appears:

Der Bereich “albums” konnte nicht geladen werden: The parent for the query “site.find(“photography”)” cannot be found in the section “albums”

But you can find the “parent: site.find(“photography”)” in the sections/albums.yml.

Thanks for your help.

With 3.2.2 version, replaced the site.find() with Could you try with following:


That’s not correct, both ways are possible. The difference between and site.find() is that the first one finds drafts as well while the latter doesn’t.

So site.find() is perfectly fine, it will however stop working if the page is set to draft status. None of the queries will work if the page was removed or renamed, though.

@LordCanis Have you done anything like that?

I thought it might be related that reference:

I replaced site.find with in the Starterkit to prevent an error if users play around with changing the status, not because the old method didn’t work anymore.

As already mentioned above, it doesn’t help if the page is removed or renamed. Then the page cannot be found anymore and the section not loaded.

It works. So simple :roll_eyes:
I renamed the “photography” page. :man_facepalming: So it must be “site.find(“new pagename”)” in albums.yml.

Thanks for your great support!