Error 500 shows error page and not Whoops

Hi folks,
I have a agnoing problem with a Kirby installation on a Uberspace server.
On a error I got the error 500 server page and not the whoops window.
The debug => true is set and the error output is writing to the log files.
I tried also to set whoops => true to be schurr that whoops is activated. But nothing changed.

I have no idea what I can do further to find out what’s wrong. Maybe someone from you have a idea how I can solve my problem?


Whoops is only useful for PHP errors. But a 500 server error is usually not a PHP error that would show up in the error logs, I think.

You probably mean debug not cache?

Hello Sonja,
of course I mean debug => true. Sorry for that I have correct it.
But I have often PHP-Errors which result in a 500. But now I have downloaded my website and run a PHP server locally. Here I have no problems all sites will be loaded normally.
I think I have to contact my provider to discuss what I could be. I have also sometimes the feeling that the new server is slower than the old one.

Since 500 is a general error thrown by the web server, it should be something left in the web server’s error log and/or access log. If you have access to these, try to find the message and paste it here.


I got an answer from the hoster an they told me to shut down easly the error-page.
And et voilà the Whoops Debugger is bringing light in the darknes again!

For all they have the same problemens on Uberspace:

And thank you to @texnixe and @Adspectus!


And what was the original problem?

The original error was a syntax mistake from me, not really special.
Whatever error It was, it result everytime in the 500 errorpage.
Not really smart but a lazy solution :smile:.