Enhanced Toolbar Link Dialog - A plugin to handle internal links

Howdy :slight_smile:

I just released Enhanced Toolbar Link Dialog.

Enhanced Toolbar Link Dialog is a Kirby 3 plugin which makes it easy to add internal or external references to your content by extending the default link dialog of Kirby’s textarea fields.

Enhanced Toolbar Link Dialog is a perfect helper if you…

  1. Can’t remember all the pesky and way to long Page URLs,
  2. Want to build up or optimize your internal link structure for SEO without any effort
  3. Looking for a convenient way to deal with internal links




Very nice!

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This is a feature we’d also need for the editor.

The name of the plugin is a bit misleading…

Thanks @texnixe! I was tired of looking up page slugs in another tab :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I’m not happy either… Do you have a better idea?

Not today, I feel just drained after hours of doing a really stupid job today.

Sorry to hear that :see_no_evil: Here are some funny cats for you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hY7m5jjJ9mM

Maybe someone else has a better idea?


p.s. nice work… :slight_smile:

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I first thought that was just another link field, not an extension for the textarea field.

Maybe “texterea extended” is better name then. Personally i like quirky names for plugins, but people have to find them so it needs to be descriptive enough to show up in google or github.

My first impression was something like kirby-internal-linker. The current name was inspired by WP Better Permalinks.

@jimbobrjames Nothing is as hard as naming things :smiley:

Cool. I see actual links in that animated image, instead of relative links, interesting.

Kirby Linkage
Kirby Text Link
Kirby Page Linker
Kirby HyperLink
Kirby TextareaLink
Kirby Linkletter
Kirby Linkinator
Kirby Page Pointer
Annie Get Your Link.


Yes, the plugin adds currently fully qualified urls. I’ll fix that today and strip out the domain.

Awesome List :hugs: Thanks for that!

That’s a very helpful plugin!

If you adapt the name, please choose something boring but descriptive. While “linkinator” for instance sounds crazy it doesn’t say anything about the features you offer :wink: It would think of something like “Extended Link Dialog”.


Nice plugin! I agree with the above. Make it’s name descriptive :+1:


Dang! I should have asked before… :crazy_face: It is soo hard to find a desciptive name.

What about Enhanced Link Dialog or Internal Link Dialog?

“Enhanced Link Dialog” is great, too, because it says that something advanced is going on (what exactly can be explained in the readme). “Internal Link Dialog” is not correct, is it? While you are adding an internal link feature it’s still about a dialog that handles all kind of links, not just internal ones.

Technically, I just added the internal link feature. Everything else works as before… I think I go with Enhanced Link Dialog. I guess this fits much better.

Everyone happy with that?

I’ld add textarea somehow (e.g. textarea-enhanced-link-dialog), as it is bound to that context. Right?

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I dislike the length somehow but yes, you’re right. I guess it’s very clear then.

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