End-user adding of images, possibly via form plug-in

Hi, I’m considering using Kirby for the first time in a new project.

I need to be able to allow end-users to add images (+ some image metadata) to a gallery on the the new website. Imagine photographers adding an entry to a winter gallery. This could be via a form using such as Wufoo or Cognito embedded on the site or via whatever data entry functionality is available in Kirby.

So, my question is, would this this possible and if so, any pointers?

Many thanks in advance.
Cheers - Mark

For a standard image upload via an HTML upload, check out this recipe: Uploading files from frontend | Kirby CMS

This could also add image metadata via form field.

As regards services like Wufoo or Cognito, never heard of them, but since you create the frontend, you can do there whatever you like.

Thanks Texnixe :slight_smile: