How to add styling to elements from the panel?

How would I go about, so that a user can add custom styling to e.g. an image from the panel, as like through chosing options from a dropdown?

It depends on your setup in general. You can put a select field into the image metadata, or if you let a user select images through a files field within a structure field, you could add a select field to choose a class or position.

Maybe you can provide more context what you want to achieve.

BTW: Could you please choose the question category that fits your Kirby version, thanks.

Myself I am on Kirby 2 and for my blog I type img:class into the… meta-data. I am going to update to v3 asap.

But for an upcoming (sort of) client, I need to add a blog functionality to an existing site and I would like to use Kirby for that.

That client probably needs to add photos to her texts in a blog like fashion.

If the user adds images into the text field, then styling them would be either possible by adding classes to the image KirbyTag, or by adding this information in the metadata.

If you want more control, I’d use thebuilder plugin that allows you to define building blocks from which the user can then build the complete article. For example, a block with text and image next to each other, with an additional checkbox if the image should be on the left or on the right. Your imagination is the limit when building these blocks.

The builder plugin has been updated for Kirby 3:

This plugin looks a lot like Crafts’s “Matrix Fields”! That would be awesome… .