Enabling Markdown Extra does not render text after initial Kirbytag


Situation: Starting a markdown block with a Kirby image tag or video tag (with Markdown Extra enabled) like this:

(image: image.jpg) Lorem ipsum dolor sit, amet consectetur adipisicing elit. Impedit, quae. Voluptas culpa eius fugiat? Hic, neque minus expedita nulla laudantium deleniti aliquid mollitia atque.

This will render the video or the image, but any subsequent text will not.

I’ve used the starterkit to test this:

Placing the image in the text will render text and image as expected. This seems to only happen with image and video. When Markdown Extra is disabled the image and text render but any bold text will display as **bold** see underneath:

Hm, either a bug or not supported (yet) in blocks, I guess. Feel free to create an issue on GitHub.

This also happens in the textarea field.
If I don’t create an issue on Github nothing is done about this?

The place to report bugs is actually on GitHub, might be worth checking if the bug was already reported. Sometimes, there is no easy solution, because Markdown is handled by an external library (and there have long been plans to replace it).

Yes, plans I know, a year ago or so, I ran into Mark Down Extra related problems also. Meanwhile functionality gets added but basic functionality bugs don’t get solved?
I did check on github and I think (imho) I spend enough time trying to report this.

ps: I’m might sign up for github