Editor plugin – where to add different classes to images?


I’m browsing the editor plugin’s documentation and it seems that you can add different classes to different images https://github.com/getkirby/editor/wiki/Block-types#image.
However I can’t figure out where.

My goal is: when users are adding images to the editor field, they can assign a specific class to each image. For instance “left”, “centered”, “right”. Preferably from a dropdown select box or radio box. Is something like that possible?


If you click on the Dots next to the image to open the menu, you will find image settings.

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Oh, cool thanks, I missed that. Do you know by any chance if you can add a select box for the “class” part of the image settings or can it just be a text field?

Having a text field is prone to error, because users might spell, for instance, “centered” as “centred” or some spelling mistake might occur.

Not without modifying the block, no.

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Ok thanks!

You might want to test the new blocks field, as it lets you define what fields you want where right in your blueprint.

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Thanks for the tip!

Quick question:
I’m trying out the blocks field but I’m getting a blank drop down. I couldn’t find any logged issue on github for this. Is this a known bug?

I’m using the kirby folder downloaded from github, deleted the media folder and refreshed the browser cache.

The blueprint setup is the standard setup from github.
EDIT: It works if there’s only one entry in the fieldset part.

Any tips on what I should change to make it work?
(It works whenever there’s only one block option available.)

Could you post your blueprint?

Sure, thanks, it’s

title: Project

  - width: 3/4
        type: fields
            label: Content
            type: blocks
              image: true
              heading: true
  - width: 1/4          
        label: Thumbnail
        type: files
        template: thumbnail
        max: 1
        layout: cards

That works for me, although I’m not sure I have the latest version… Just downloaded again to make sure, still working.

Edit: Looks like you have a tab charactere after the first sections keyword. Make sure that your blueprint doesn’t contain any invalid characters. Probably not the problem here, but nevertheless.

Thanks, I’ll delete the tab

The HTML of the dialog box shows an empty div

Does it work if you don’t set any fieldsets explicitly, i.e. with the most basic setup? Make sure to use the latest alpha.

Unfortunately not. I tried: there’s now only the blocks documentation’s blueprint info in the blueprint file, nothing else.

I meant the very basic setup:

            label: Content
            type: blocks

do you have any other plugins installed?

Unfortunately it didn’t work either. Yeah, I had the builder plugin installed, deleted it now though.

Could it be the PHP version? It’s 7.4

Have you deleted the media folder again after removing the builder plugin? And clear the browser cache.

Yeah :confused:
Could it be the PHP version? It’s 7.4