Duplicating Notes Section - issue

Hi, loving Kirby but having an issue. I have duplicated all the Notes files from the starterkit, renamed every instance in all the files to something else (shot(s)) but my main page (notes renamed to shots) just show’s an empty page? In the panel I can add single shot(note) pages and can preview them and adds the menu item but the main page nothing?

Can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong…? can’t post all the code here as it’s all the files - also ran into this problem when creating the project files from your you tube videos, can preview the single project pages but the main page dosen’t show the projects? In the “panel” the main “project page” dosen’t show anything either - any help appreciated as I want to stick with Kirby :slight_smile:

Ok finally figured this out, in the content folder for the newly created menu items, change the root text file from “default.txt” to the folder name in my case, projects.txt and shots.txt. Then it all appeared as it should… spent days looking at my naming in the code :slight_smile: