Starter kit and sharing same template

I was reading the docs, particularly the part about sharing the same template, but there’s little text there. So I downloaded the starter kit and I’m taking a look at the files but they look like two different templates. Can someone elaborate?

In Kirby, the name of the content file defines which template is used to render a page in the frontend, for example, any page with a text file note.txt will use the note.php template etc. If there is no template with that name in the /site/templates folder, Kirby will fall back to the default.php template.

But since you are not new to Kirby, you probably know that already?

Could you explain more precisly which pages you are talking about? In the chapter we refer to, all subpages of the notes page use the same template (note.php), and all subpages of the photography page use the album.php template. Both the note.php template and the album.php template are of course different from each other.

oh! I get it now, I understood differently. I though it meant that notes and albums used the same template and that confused me. Sorry, English is not my first language and got it wrong! thank you for clarifying!

No worries :slightly_smiling_face:, it’s not my first language either.