Drag and Drop to change status and/or order within same type?

Hey, I’m loving K3! I’m just curious, why is it that you can’t drag and drop files of the same type (blueprint) to reorder or change status in K3? Is it a technical limitation of having a file-based CMS or is it some other reason? I’m sure it’s a good reason. I just ask because, I keep (without thinking) try to drag items to reorder or change status. Feels like I should be able to. Thanks!

Are we talking about pages or files (asking because there is no such thing as changing status for files).

You can drag and drop pages to reorder them, but of course only if they don’t have an automatic sorting order (i.e. you cannot sort pages sorted by date or title).

As regards dragging and dropping between pages sections (to change status), that is something that is on the wishlist but hasn’t made it yet, because the JS solutions for that produced more problems than good.

Hey @texnixe, I’m not able to drag and drop when it’s set to automatic sorting (perhaps I’m doing it wrong).

With regard to changing statuses via drag and drop I’m specifically talking about areas like this…

So for example, I’d like to be able to drag Form C to In Review. And if I’d like to unpublish something I’d like to drag it out of Published to Draft. Maybe it’s just me, but that seems like the intuitive way, or at least how I expect it to work. :slight_smile:

(Oh and I’m talking about pages, not files at the moment.)

As I tried to say above, dragging from one section to another is not possible (think it was implemented at some time in the development phase, but then removed again because too many issues).

Sorting within a section is only possible, if standard sorting (1_project1, 2_project2 etc.) is set as your numbering scheme.

Are there any news about this feature?

No, this feature hasn’t been implemented yet.

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