Downloads broken, possibly Kirby's fault?

Having some issues with downloads of various exes and zips. Quote from the person who brought this issue to me:

People are having issues with download files ‘not being there’ until a reboot - their default solution. Previous visitors and new. I think Kirby is caching the media files.

I am - to put it lightly - not so sure that’s Kirby’s fault, but I wanted to check whether it could be a known issue, or if someone here knows what the problem actually is.

Just to make sure we are on the same page: You offer files for download on the frontend and these files cannot be downloaded? How are the downloads implemented? Can you post a link to the downloads in question?

here’s a link. apparently the links just plain don’t respond until a browser restart (and the guy with the problem is… not super great at describing computer problems). there’s probably a solution other than a browser restart, but i can’t get the problem to reproduce so idk

Those links work for me, but it might make sense to add the download attribute to the anker element: <a>: The Anchor element - HTML: HyperText Markup Language | MDN

makes sense, is there a way to do that to links to uploaded files in a text section of a blocks field? bc that’s what we’re using
or would i have to make a custom version of it

Hm, no, in a text block, that’s not so easy, I’m afraid, because you would have to add this attribute to links inside a string with some regex voodoo.

The question is why these links don’t work as they are. What is the browser used? What are the browser settings?

What I’d try is to add the attribute via JavaScript if that helps with the issue, I think.

i will try that. another issue is we don’t even know when or why it started lol
i’ve asked them to try shift-reloading next time it happens, and screen-record it if they can, so hopefully there will be more info soon