Don't get kirby-spreadsheet to work

I try to work with the kirby-spreadsheet plugin and try alternately a .xlsx or .csv file. But the only output i get is the kirby tag (spreadsheet: … ) It seems the plugin is not loaded correctly.

Kirby Version is 3.3.1 and the current Plugin Version.

Do other Kirbytags in the same field come out correctly? I.e. do you use the kirbytext() method to render the field?

the file Kirbytag works fine and yes, i use kirbytext(), thats why i struggle in that point.

CleanShot 2020-01-21 at 13.35.21

Hm, unfortunately, I can’t look into this now and have to postpone it to tonight.

okay, thanks for now. looking forward for a hint later :slight_smile:

Is the tag on it’s own line in the field? Have you tried other spreadsheets?

i tried different spreadsheets, my own, a demofile, a csv… all with the same result.

CleanShot 2020-01-21 at 14.20.44

Hmmm… if your able to, send me the spreadsheet via direct message and I will see if i can figure it out.

Are you positive that you are using the Kirby 3 version of the plugin, and not the Kirby 2 version?

After a first try and error I’ve choose the correct version, yes :smiley:
I send you my demo file for testing

I have found the issue.

You will have to wait for @texnixe to push an official release but for now you can fix it by fixing the typo in the plugins index.php file.

line 6 should read:

'texnixe\\Spreadsheet\\SpreadsheetLoader' => 'classes/SpreadsheetLoader.php',

The filename isnt tottally CamalCased so either fix the filename, or fix the line that loads it.

On a side note, I couldnt get the plugin to install via composer, so i did it manually and then went into the plugins folder in terminal and ran composer… perhaps that helped too.

@jimbobrjames Thanks for debugging that one!

@texnixe No worries :slight_smile:

Ah great! It seems to work now. Thanks both!