Dockerized KirbyCMS running on NGINX and PHP 7.1.x


Hi there!

Some time ago I created for mostly private purposes a publicly available full solution KirbyCMS docker container. I recently realized that it is now the most popular dockerized KirbyCMS solution on Docker Hub (based on the pull stats), so I think it’s not a bad idea to write about it on the official Kirby blog…

I initially created the container to simplify local development with KirbyCMS on different operating systems and on a real server environment base. The container image is based on a 5 MB Linux called Alpine with NGINX, the most current stable version of PHP 7.1.x, ImageMagick, PNGQuant and all the other common and necessary PHP modules to run KirbyCMS. It’s extremely lightweight with just ~ 64 MB in total image size, but a complete solution to run a (or multiple) real and clean preinstalled server solution with one command on your local machine. The image is automatically updated every day at 4:30 am (CET) with the latest PHP version and other libraries. It also automatically downloads the latest KirbyCMS StarterKit on a local folder (if your selected folder is empty).

Summarized container details

  • Running on latest Alpine Linux distribution
  • Preconfigured NGINX environment for running KirbyCMS powered websites
  • Latest stable versions of PHP and NGINX
  • Installs the latest version of KirbyCMS StarterKit
  • Includes all required and common PHP 7.1.x modules for running KirbyCMS
  • Preinstalled ImageMagick and PNGQuant
  • Easy to use cronjobs and SSH- / SFTP-Server with public key
  • Optimized for testing and production environments
  • Extremely lightweight & daily image updates

With this container image you don’t need any installations like MAMP / XAMP or extended configurations like ImageMagick etc. on your local machine and you can keep your system clean while testing and developing your KirbyCMS powered website on a real linux server environment locally – even on Windows. You might be interested…

KirbyCMS Docker image and more information on Docker Hub…

Let me know what you think! :wink:


Sadly this now 404s :frowning:

Yes, would be also interested in your post with a working link to Docker Hub!

When you are not set to nginx you might get along with this image.

Actually getting a 500 error. Maybe we’re collecting HTTP status errors here. Will look later again, but I don’t like Apache that much and happy sticking with nginx. Thanks anyway!

Are you struggling with the NGINX configuration or with a working container?

Unfortunately I had to make this container private due to some company related optimizations… :S

Does anyone have another docker container which is publicly available? I am looking to startup a container, map my content, assets, site folder into it and have my project up and running for testing and am hitting all sorts of road blocks with the containers I have found so far :frowning: