Do you use a code snippet editor?

To complete this post about code editor:

Even if Kirby doc is very complete, it may be interresting to use a code snippets editor (specially for beginners).
Do Kirby users use this type of software, or maybe an inline one? and if yes witch one ?

I am using Sublime Text for that, I started a Snippet Collection with autocomplete for Kirby ( ) which needs to be updated a bit, but beside that, works good.

Whenever I need a bigger snippet, I use Gists for that, which can be used directly from within sublime:

I also have Dash installed, but use it rarely ( ).


Years ago, I had previously used Code Collector Pro (I helped beta test the original app). I later moved to CodeBox for a short time.

Most modern code editors come with some sort of code snippet manager either built in or available as a plugin. These days I find using the built in functionality simpler than depending on yet another app. However, it really comes down to personal taste. :slight_smile:

I also have Dash installed but just like @mauricehh I find I rarely use it.