Best Text Editor or IDE for Kirby 3

What is the best text editor or IDE to use with the new Kirby 3? Do any have autocomplete, snippets or syntax highlighting?

I love PHPStorm if there Is a way to make it work with Kirby 3?

Personally I use Atom with a bunch of plugins to make more IDE like (Nuclide, Beautify
atom IDE, SASS Lint etc). A lot of people like VS Code, and this an autocomplete package for Kirby…

I am keeping a close eye on Onivim 2, since it will be blindingly fast, and compatible with VS code plugins. It’s not ready for primetime yet though.

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I use VS code and I think most of the Kirby team does.

@bnomei uses PHPStorm, so he can probably tell you more.

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