Sublime Text and Kirby

My dear Kirby friends,

two years ago I started a sublime text autocomplete/snippet package for Kirby 2. It worked pretty good but then I switched to Atom and didn’t update it for quite some time. Well… it didn’t take much time until I switched back to sublime. And now, with the latest bigger update of sublime, I’d like to reactivate that snippet-collection, which can be found here:

It’s outdated and needs a lot of updates, I think. The problem, as so often, is a lack of time. So I’m searching for help this way. Maybe some of members of this community are sublime users, too and may be able to spend some time on updating the snippets with me. That would be so cool!
If you’re interested, just message me here or at github or twitter (@mauricehh). So we could organize a bit. I’m eager to hear from you :slight_smile:


It would be awesome having a generator that could output snippet collections for any application without manual fixes being necessary.

I started working on a Cheatsheet-based generator for the Atom snippets over here —
maybe that could help you getting started:

Ah! That’s a great idea, I’ll have a look. Thank you :slight_smile:

For those who are interested: I updated the Package and it’s now up-to-date with more then 500 Kirby Snippets. I used casperjs to get the data and generate the snippets (thanks for the hint, @thguenther). You can find the script in the github-repo, too.

Im not sure how maintained the vscode snippets are. But ideally we should kinda have some collection which displays different methods on integrating throughout the various editors.

If that’s possible, I don’t know how snippets are stored in vscode and how the syntax is. The casperjs script could be modified pretty easy, I think.
The sublime snippets are also available via package manager, which requires them to have a certain structure in a git-repo, so it will be difficult to have one repository for all editors (without shipping all the vscode snippets, too).

( Kirby Visual Studio Code snippets based on Medienbaekers · GitHub )

that’s what what was posted on the forums the other day. many functions i have been using were already auto-completeable and had descriptions. not sure if they are complete or not though

So you mean that there already is an automplete for VSC, or that there should be?

there’s one which can be enabled via custom snippets in VSC,… i was just adding that to the collection here… however i am not sure how complete that is…