Display structure field in panel as table with sortable and (de-)selectable columns (and resize page settings column)


on our Kirby 2 page for the youth section of our local alpine club we have a waiting list for kids who would like to join one of our groups.

The waiting list is built as a structure field. In the panel we would now like to display the waiting list as a table (found how to do this in the docs) and furthermore the table should be (1) sortable by each column by the user, (2) users should be able to show/hide columns and ideally we could (3) make the left column (page settings) smaller so we can see more from the table.

So is there already a Kirby 2 module/snippet which provides this functionality?

Or alternatively:

  • I would use Datatables for the sorting and showing/hiding
  • And jQuery to make the page settings column smaller on that particular panel page

If you have any tools, hints or more straight forward approaches for me to consider, please let me know. Thanks!

P.S: I know the sorting and showing/hiding columns features from Bootstrap Table

You would indeed need a custom field for this, the default structure field doesn’t have these options.