Differences to Grav

###Played with Grav for the first time, this weekend.

I did know it’s existence, but did not consider it as an “alternative” for Kirby.

Most of my clients want WordPress as the CMS “to be” (don’t care if they’re right or wrong on this; it’s their decision).

But when someone doesn’t want WordPress, Kirby is the CMS of my choise.

I have about 100 project per year and I’m pushing Kirby as hard as I can.

But it’s always good to enlarge your horizon, so I decided to give Grav a try.

In short;

  1. I don’t care Kirby cost money and Grav is free; my clients always buy a license and the amount of money is peanuts, when you see the costs of the whole project.
  2. Grav looks professional, but Kirby also does. I like the minimalist approach of Kirby, but also like the (colorful) GUI of Grav.
  3. I like the idea that Grav is powered by a community, not a single person; don’t get me wrong - I do not mean this personal.
    But when a client chooses for Kirby, it’s whole online strategy depends on the hart and soul of one man; Bastian… This can be tricky when creating real large projects.
    As we speak, I am building an online survey - powered by Kirby, for a company that wants to use that survey for at least two years (and offering it to about 25.000 clients).
    They asked me several times about the update-sequence / reliability of Kirby; is is safe, will it be there in two years, who is giving us support, etc… This is much easier to answer when a team is developing a product, not a single (brilliant!) brain
  4. Grav is too loaded; like I said - I mainly use WordPress, but when I do not use it, I want a real alternative;
    Grav is like WordPress for me… themes, plug-ins, etc… it’s too much out of the box (for me personal).
    So that’s why I stick with Kirby; it’s fast, clear, not bloated… it doesn’t do much out of the box, and I like that. I build every function I am missing myself, keeping code and performance clean

This is just my thought, my English isn’t perfect - so sorry for any mis-understanding.