Deleting multiple assets from Page in Panel

I have a client who has uploaded lots of images to a page and now wants to change them. However now in the Panel there are so many images for the page it feels a chore to to find the right image for the page among all the old images uploaded previously.

Is there a way a client can delete old images in the panel without having to do them one by one in the file view? I would like to think when the add image window pops up with the images in list view a ‘trashcan’ symbol could appear next to the radio but for them to delete this way?

Also is there a way the display for the add image view can be changes from a list layout?

No, that’s not possible. Please upvote: Visual file picker · Kirby Feedback

No, neither in the file picker nor in the section.

Not being able to delete multiple images seems quite a key element for a cms. Is this in the pipeline?

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I don’t know. There is a feature request, at least for files sections. You can always create a custom solution, though.

Here is the feature request to upvote:

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First of all I’m all new to Kirby. I’ve already fallen very much in love with Kirby :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
Awesome guides, docs and references and not least overall design and architecture – making it easy for not-really-developers-but-actually-more-designers to get started easily making highly customized and tailored content management solutions. It was also a pleasure reading trough the whole journey on the 10 years of Kirby page. So a big thanks!

I’d really love to know too if there’s a good reason why bulk selection and editing / deletion of files or pages isn’t already built in to this otherwise really fabolous CMS?
And if it’s planned in the pipeline, when to expect it?

Btw, it seems in general that there’s currently not any use of the “Planned”, “In progress”, “In upcoming releases” on the Kirby nolt?

Is there or should there ideally be some place to get an overview of planned / upcoming Kirby features, say a roadmap / pipeline?

I have to agree with @mactedder that file / page bulk selection and editing / deletion seems rather rudimentary CMS wise? And since Kirby 3 is such a very powerfull – yet sophisticatedly simple – CMS how come this is not part of it?

All the best,

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