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Is there any chance to delete just one language version for a page? I’m thinking in possible uses for the client and maybe they create a language version they dont actually want by mistake, so how they can delete it?

Thank you!

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Once the content file has been created via the panel, there is no way to delete it for a client without access to the file system. You could, however, create a custom field for that purpose.

Note that you can’t delete the content file of the default language, or maybe you could, but it would be recreated by the panel.

Edit: Alternatively, you could add a new field, e.g. “ignore_translation”, to filter by.

@flokosiol is working on something that suits your needs :wink:


I’m not sure about how to achieve it with custom fields without a guide so i’m going to try with the ignore_translation/filter by workaround!

Thank you for your answer :slight_smile:

@Thiousi that sounds really awesome. Following the repo right now to be updated!

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I’m working hard on this feature and it’s almost finished (approx. 90%). But I have to fix some smaller issues first and after that I would like to do a lot of testing, because deleting content is a dangerous thing and needs to be checked in detail.


Stay tuned.


Great news!

If you need some help to test the plugin i can help if you want. :slight_smile:

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Though it’s not finished yet, I implemented a basic delete functionality to the develop branch yesterday. Feel free to test it, @lenatwitteada

If you have the translations field already installed, you need to remove it first. Translations now comes as a plugin!

But there will be still some things to do, before I can push it to the master. At the moment the translated pages are deleted without any confirmation. So if you click the button by mistake, your content will be deleted directly … Furthermore I will need to update the documentation.


Going to try right now! I’ll tell you how is working.

Thank you so much!

It seams to work perfect! I’m just have a doubt. What the “translation is up to date” checkbox is for?

Thanks for testing!

The checkbox can be set manually. In this way editors can differentiate if only a textfile for the selected languages exists or if the content itself is translated / up to date. You find all the discussion concerning this topic here.

So, the checkbox is like a visual mark to tell the user when the page is fully translated or maybe the page shoudnt appear like published until it’s translated?

I can see just the change of color in the panel and i dont know if it should be doing something more.

PS: I dont know it i told you before but the plugin is totally awesome for multilanguage sites!

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While the language indicators only show the status, you can manually mark the translations as translated via the checkbox. The result is saved in the textfile, so you can in fact use it as a filter in your controller/template, which is quite useful.


@texnixe is absolutely right.

I didn’t think about that. This idea is brilliant! I need to add this to the readme …

@lenatwitteada, I’m really glad that you like it :blush:

I made some updates to the develop branch again. Now you need to confirm before the language file gets deleted.

Would you like to test it again, @lenatwitteada? This would be fantastic :wink:

If everything works fine for you, I would update the readme and then push it to the master branch.

Of course!! But i’m uploading a website right now and i will need some time. But i tell you something today for sure :smiley:

Are you doing to document the possibility to filter with the checkbox? That would be awesome too.

Thanks! No need to hurry :wink:

Yes, I will add this to the readme. No problem.

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Here i am!
Plugin works so nicely!!!
I just have a doubt about a feature? When you have checked the “translation is up to date” in the main language, and want to uncheck in the secondary language published, when you click the save button the input authocheck by itself.

I think this can be confusing/frustrating for the user. I mean maybe an editor want to mark the secondary page as “untranslated” after published because he/she received some changes and uncheck the field, make some changes, save the document and keep working. If they don’t notice again the checkbox checked they marked as translated without want it.

Have this any sense for you? Maybe i’m not understanding the behavior well…

Anyway, i think this plugin it’s becoming a “must have” with multilingual sites. Good work!!

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This is a known issue, we hope it will be fixed soon.

Thank you so much for your testing and the quick reply. I really appreciate it!

As @texnixe mentioned, this is kind of a “global” checkbox issue. I hope it will be fixed soon, too. :wink: