Default page blueprint options not applying to other blueprints

I am using the following in my site/blueprints/pages/default.yml:

  preview: "{{ kirby.option('siteUrl') }}/{{ kirby.language }}/{{ page.slug }}"

…yet it doesn’t apply to my other blueprints.

Do I have to copy it over to every other page blueprint?

Is there a better way to share options between blueprints? I tried many things inspired by but nothing ended up working…
I would appreciate any guidance :slight_smile:

You can create a separate yml file, e.g. /site/blueprints/options/options.yml with a set of options, and then in each page blueprint use it like this:

options: options/options

Or using the extends keyword, which would allow you to overwrite or extends the options defined in the options.yml file:

  extends: options/options

But yes, options or any other definitions are not inherited from the default.yml file and you have to set them in each file.