Extending entire blueprints

Looking at the Reusing & extending blueprints guide, I can’t find anything about extending entire blueprints including options etc. Is that not possible or am I doing something wrong?

# site/blueprints/pages/test.yml
title: Test
  changeTitle: false
# site/blueprints/pages/default.yml
title: Default
extends: pages/test

I also looked at the Blueprint Presets, but couldn’t find a way to define my own presets.

I dont think you can extend entire pages. What i do is I have a series of common tabs, so I just extend the tabs into each page template. My page templates are only like 6 lines of code as a result.

Yes, while extending the blueprint works, the options are obviously ignored.

Custom blueprint presets were planned at some point in time, but I somehow doubt they were ever implemented.

Thanks for your answers! I’m not sure if I should add an issue/idea on Github for this. What do you think?

There may be cases where this could be useful, I guess.

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Id be interested in this being a thing too, to be honest. I think it might be tricky to make real though. I have run into issues with nested extends in the past (where a blueprint being extended has itself got an extended blue print inside it). Doing 2 extends next each other sometimes causes issues too.

Would be great if full pages could be extended :slight_smile:

This would be quite useful indeed but it looks like it hasn’t been implemented yet (as of 3.5.1).

Has anyone been able to achieve this in a different way?

Also, a note for the admins, maybe this thread shouldn’t be tagged as “Solved”? :slight_smile:

The question has been answered and a feature request has been made. So from the point of view of the question, this is solved. Also, you can extend an entire blueprint, but then have to add the options on top.

Makes sense; I just saw that this was migrated to your new feedback platform! Thanks for clarifying the workflow (and also thanks for the super quick reply on a Sunday).