Default language doesn't respect URL-Key? Making multi-language themes complex

In a multilingual setup, It seems that URL-Key is always ignored by the default language -which in return always will require changing the content folder names in conjunction to the default languages needed url-slugs, correct? or is it just me?

If URL-Key was respected even against the default language, it would make themes a ton more flexible as it would only require changing the config.php supporting both single and multiple languages easier regardless of the content folder-names :grin:

So instead of brewing up a theme with content for each possible default language in the world, they could just always stay english.

Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to set a URL-Key for the default language (as it was with Kirby 1). I would prefer to get this feature back as well for the same reason.


@texnixe thanks for letting me know, that it isn’t just me doing something weird.

I’ll raise the issue over at GitHub, if it hasn’t already :v:

You can now follow along over here

As i think more about it, it seems so intentional that there has to be a higher reason for this decision, although I can’t see it right away.

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Sorry to resurrect this post but this has been bugging me too.
My website is in German by default, and naming the folders in german to bypass this is problematic because not everyone speaks german.

Feel free to up-vote it over at Github too

@zyre Sorry, the Github link was messed up - i’ve just corrected it :smile: