Deep link to create new page in 2.2.3

With the new Panel URL structure, it seems this functionality is no longer available. Users can only go to /panel/pages/home/edit and then click the + Add button.

Has anyone been able to deep link directly to /panel/pages/uid/add (e.g. from a frontend toolbar)?

I am not sure but maybe

$pages->create($uid, $template, $data = array())

is of help. BTW I will have the same task sometime in the future :wink:

/panel/pages/$uid/add works, but needs a POST request with the title, URL and template.

I agree with @yves here. Directly linking to the Panel is a bit fragile. Consider implementing your page creating logic in a route that checks for the currently logged in user.

You can indeed just link to the form by using


You can even pass all the details for the form with query parameters:


All parameters are optional.

I think that’s actually much more flexible than the previous version.


My apologies, you’re right – the direct link does work. Good to know about the optional query parameters!

That deep linking into the panel and pre-filling of form through query parameters enriches the work of content editors so much – thanks for this functionality.