Using PHP functions inside panel

Hey there,
I want to use @bnomei’s janitor button to create another page and redirect there immediately - is this possible with PHP or would I have to create some Vue.js component …

My idea is to have a text field, enter an ISBN and by the Press of a button, create a page, call an API and fill some fields of the newly created page.

Maybe with this: ?

I’ve already got the page creation covered - but later, there’s just the button inside the page view that should achieve this - just for the convenience of a client, so the redirect happens instantly instead of them clicking somewhere (which for some seems to be a yellow/red area).

Kind of creating a pre-filled ‘related page’ from within the page …

Oh I’m sorry, I misunderstood. You’re trying to solve the redirect somehow?

I’m not sure, but I think you might have to squeeze it into the vue app somehow…

Alright, thanks! I thought as much :confused: