Link to Anchor on another Page

while editing some content, I found the panel seems not to support generating anchor-links to anchors on another page:

What I need is a link that looks like this:

Is there any elegant way in the panel to do this?

Currently, I have to set a link to a page, open the draft, copy the link to get the /@/UUID-link, paste it into the Link field using custom and delete the domain, so it works both in development (localhost) and production (https://domain…). What I am looking for is a way to select an anchor from the page I am linking to when selecting the page I am linking to.

I don’t have an answer, but at least if it’s not a standalone link field, but a link within some text, you don’t have to open the draft but can copy the link via Copy Link from the context menu when right-clicking the link, so that would make things a little easier, if far from ideal.

That makes it a little easier, thank you!

I added a feature request here: