Database connection Kirby API error

Hi, I want to pull content from a MySQL database into Kirby but every time I add db to my config file Kirby breaks and gives me an API error

The JSON response from the API could not be parsed db

. This is my config:

return [
        'panel' =>[
                'install' => true
       'db' => [
               'host' => 'xxxxx',
               'database' => 'xxx'
               'user' => 'xxx',
               'password' => 'xxx',
        'debug' => true,

I was following the instructions here. What could I be doing wrong?

You posted your question in the Kirby 2 category. Which version are you actually using, Kirby 2 or 3?

Thanks! switched over to 3 :slight_smile:

There is a comma missing, is it present in your actual code?

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Thanks! What an obvious solution, sometimes a second pair of eyes is all it takes :slight_smile: