Customizing Theme


I set my page up today ( using the black theme. Everything works fine, but I would like to change some english captions to german ones.

E.g.: At Kontakt, I would like to replace “Elsewehre” and “Location” with “Sonst noch” and “Wo?”. Same goes for the homepage and the “Recent Projects”. Can someone please help me find the right file in the installation?


There are a few places these could be. If these titles are not within the content files as page titles in the panel, they are probably hard coded into the template files or snippets. look in site/templates and site/snippets. There should be some obviously named files in there. Its a simple theme, so i wouldn’t expect many files to check.

Without buying the theme, i’m afraid I can only guess at where these titles are.

If you have a good code editor like Atom or Sublime, you can use these to search the files in a whole folder, which would highlight those words in any file within the site. Be careful to only edit files under the site folder because, depending on the words you search for, you can end up getting kirbies core files in the search results. You should not edit these files. Try to search just the site folder and anything below it.

These strings might also be defined in site.txt. I don’t want to believe those strings are hardcoded in the templates (for a theme that costs 20 bucks).

Thanks. Found it in site/templates.

Gosh. It might be worth switching these to editable fields that you can change more easily from within the panel, or asking the themes author to do it, and re-release the theme.

If you want to do it yourself, let us know and we will help you out.