Custom (Manual) Thumbnails

Hi!, I’m working on a site (first time Kirby user) where a few of the galleries would really benefit from the thumbnails being manually cropped, I’m aware and tried most of the plugins, I think in the most extreme edge cases what I need is an alternate image, manually cropped.

my first attempt is clunky as heck, a checkbox on files to exclude them from the general collection - and then a files field where I can associate one image with the other - it really feels like a glass house of cards.

Any wisdom would be greatly appreciated

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Kirby doesn’t provide a native feature to keep multiple variants of the same file at the moment, so a files field to keep the relationship in is probably the best way.

If you want to keep the files separate without having to use a checkbox, you can use two separate file sections with a file template each (configurable with the template option of the section). Another advantage is that the file blueprint of the “cropped image template” can be configured so that it doesn’t have the files field (creating the link in one direction is enough).


Yep, I agree. Also, with this approach, if the files field is empty, you can create standard thumbnails, while if file associations exist, you use those.

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Thank you!