Handling Images in Kirby

I’ve written up a new cookbook recipe on handling images in Kirby. Check it out and let me know what you think or if you find anything missing.



Just in time. Started today with a new Photographer Website. :slight_smile:

Super. It is very nice to see all php template codes exemples. Thanks Texnixe.

Great recipe.

… and as a perfect addition: Kirby Focus plugin for better image cropping. :wink:

(Sorry, for repeating myself … but maybe it’s usefull for someone to know.)


@texnixe wrote what was possible without using plugins and I think it should stay clean from that. But I agree that it’s a great plugin. :slight_smile:

There are at least 37 more image plugins out there that could be helpful as well.

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@flokosiol Sorry for not mentioning your really useful plugin, I would’ve done it if I had covered thumbnails in more detail.

Then you would need to keep track of the plugins as well, if they are maintained or not. It might be simple for this awesome cropping plugin but if you mention one plugin on each cookbook page, in the future you probably will need to keep track of 100+ plugins.

I don’t want you to get burned out. :slight_smile:

Thanks for caring!

I certainly won’t start mentioning plugins in every recipe (although I did take the risk of mentioning one).

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That was definitely not my intension!


I think the cookbook recipes should definitely stick to core features. As mentioned, you can’t keep track of all the plugins.

Keep up the great work … and sorry for my confusing reply …

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