'Current Time' as Default in Time Field?

There is a way to put the current date in a date field - with default: today. Is there a similar option to put the current time in a time field? I’ve tried default: now, but it doesn’t work…

For me this does work, at least with the current Kirby 2.1 beta … the time is, however, only added on hitting the save button

@texnixe Thank you for pointing this out - indeed, it works! This should be added to the docs!

Actually… after some further testing, it does not seem to be working reliably…

It seems that if now is used, the current time is displayed in the Panel (after the first save), but not actually saved into the content page…

Could you please create an issue then over at GitHub: https://github.com/getkirby/panel/issues

This helps to better keep track of actual issues. Also it would be great if you could provide some sample code (e.g. from your blueprint), so that we could test and understand the issue more easily. Thanks!

@distantnative Done! :slight_smile:

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