`now` default stops working when extending date field

Hi there,

I’m trying to use the now default in a date field to set the current date and time:

  label: Published on
  type: date
  time: true
  default: now

However, I am also extending the date field in a plugin to give it a certain default value like so:

Kirby::plugin('trych/field-defaults', [
  'fields' => [

    'date' => [
      'extends' => 'date',
      'props' => [
        'display' => fn($value = 'DD.MM.YYYY') => $value

As soon as I do this, the now keyword stops taking effect and the field value ends up being literally now instead of the current date. Does anybody know how I could prevent this and have the now keyword still working?


In my current project, I am running into this exact problem again. Does anybody know, how this could be solved?