Crop Function PNG render Issue



I have a problem with Kirby’s cropping feature. I’m about to move a website from one server to another. On the new server I have the following problem: Transparencies in PNGs that pass the Kirby Crop function become black. On the old server the problem does not occur. My first thought was that it might be gdlib, but it is installed on the new webserver. See other picture.

Are there any other ideas why this might be?

Many greetings


I found a similar issue here:

Needless to say that I can’t reproduce it and probably has to do something with the server. Does the server support ImageMagick? Then you could try using the IM driver instead of GD and see if the problem persists. Or test with another PHP version. Or contact their support.


Have you found out more? Could be great to share if you found a way.

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