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hey guys, i know there is a preview button in the sidebar, but i need an extra button to show the content of my site while my site is online,
the way only the user of kirby can see the changes.
so visitors can only see my currently content …

(u can answer in german also :smiley: )

Please look at:

and the rest of this thread.

I am German too, but not all readers can read German!

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Generally it makes sense to use a staging site for that. This way your client can play around on the staging system and then check the whole site before pushing it to the production server. There are various deployment strategies for this, that’s not specific to Kirby (although you can integrate it with Kirby by implementing a “Deploy” button in a Panel widget).

Let me know if you need more input and information. :wink:

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I’m not quite sure if the Splitview plugin provides this functionality to preview unsaved content, but check it out yourself.

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Nope, that relies on the templates and snippets of the site. And they depend on the saved content. :smiley:

No, it does not. On save it trigger a reload of the other iframe. Other than that Splitview starts to get quite powerful, I think.

Yeah, I thought so but wasn’t sure. Don’t even know if it would be possible to tap the session store to get that functionality.

Other than that, I agree with @lukasbestle, using a staging site would be a better option.

I´m currently setting up a staging server for a client of mine too. It´s the best solution to change contents without changing the live site.
For publishing there was a dashboard widget announced here: but I don´t know what the progress is by now, so I´m implementing my own solution today and will put it on github soon.
Anyway, keep in mind when syncing your content folder, that the cache must be rebuild (if you´re using kirby´s caching).

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Hi Lukas,
I would like to have some more input and informations about your idea :smiley:

@jbeyerstedt posted a good explanation over at this topic. He also created a Panel widget that can be used to deploy from the staging site to your production site.

oh yes I tried that one, but doesn’t this plugin just show the changes like in a list ? I am looking for a preview actually just like in Kirby implemented already, but showing the changes without saving :confused:

With the plugin, you can create a hidden internal staging site that shows the changes. You would have to save normally. But the advantage is: This staging site is internal and doesn’t affect the actual production site, so your saved changes don’t show up on the real production site until you deploy it, which is basically like a preview before saving/publishing the site.

ok thank you, I guess I didn’t get that correctly :confounded: I’ll just try it again then :slightly_smiling: